Four killed, six injured in Karachi violence

KARACHI: Killing in Oragni Town, Qasba Colony and Kati Pahari has stopped, however in Lyari and other areas of the Old city, the police are rendered powerless, Rangers are nowhere to be found and the areas are being controlled by miscreants. Four people have been killed while six others injured and business activity has all but gone dead in these areas.

The wave of violence in the city has now shifted to Lyari and other areas of the old city. Residents of these areas are under threat from miscreants who are firing from bunkers and are using hand grenades. The violence escalated when a body was discovered in Kharadar leading to an exchange of fire between two groups which led to the closure of several markets in the city. Residents protested against the violence in Karachi and shut down Mari Pur road resulting in major traffic jams in nearby areas.


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