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Kareena kapoor is a hot Indian actress and its nice to watch her Hot body at Actress scandals.She looks an extremely Hot Actress in skin color bra and panty.Kareena Kapoor pantyless pics are here for you.Here is another picture which is of Sonam Kapoor.Sonam Kapoor pantyless might be another hot item to watch.Enjoy these Hot Actress scandals.

Kareena Kapoor Hot Body

Soanm Kapoor pantyless

A few years ago, Shamita Shetty found out the hard way that not keeping your legs together when in a mini and the cameras are flashing, is dangerous.Shamita shetty pantyless seems a really hot picture of This hot Inidan actress.

Actress scandals

A report on a TV channel in Mumbai about Actress scandals has suggested that item girl Yana Gupta could have been allegedly paid to go ‘pantyless’ and create the publicity stunt which was the talk of the town for a few days. The idea was to give the charity event that she attended some ‘free publicity’ and additional media mileage than would have otherwise accrued to the event. The TV report has suggested that Yana Gupta was ‘currently not so happening’ compared to other ‘more happening’ item girls or pin-up and Page 3 models and the wardrobe malfunction brought her into the lime light once again with both Mid-day and Bombay Times front-paging the ‘accident’.Given the way Yana Gupta was holding the promotional material for the charity event, while giving shutterbugs a sneak peak of her panty-less crotch suggests that it was a well-thought-of publicity stunt to bring the brand or logo of the charity into media focus.

Hot Actress scandals

BRITNEY SPEARS: Is the leader of the pack. She has put in more panty-less appearances for the pleasure of the paparazzi than anyone else here.Britney spears pantyless pic was nicely caught by camera when she was fully drunk and busy with her friends.

Britney Spears Pantyless

Depika sex scandal

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