PPP & MQM again making fool to the public of pakistan

Karachi: The governing party PPP and MQM were on both edges of the canal,but finally the ongoing drama comes to an end which only resulted in making fool the people of pakistan.....According to express news ,The Governor sindh's post is again retained by ISHRAT-UL-IBAAD (MQM) ,the ex-governor which left his chair after the departure of MQM from national government.

The political sources were already making announcements that Governor sindh will re-join again but public was not sure after the incidents of killings in Karachi.Yesterday ,in evening a special airbus was sent to dubai to bring back Doctor ISHRAT-UL-IBAAD to take charge of sindh again.all was done after a phone call by president zardari to MQM's commander in chief altaf hussain..However Rest of the MQM will remain in opposition benches.

Most of the critics say that it is a joke to the souls of all dead in Karachi incidents.people were murdered by killers of PPP and MQM.

No body is sure in pakistan which way the camel of politics will sit and such incidents promote unexpectations.

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