The Insight of Pakistan current Affairs: Analysis Report


A favorite columnist of Pakistan (from express news) has revealed certain facts of Pakistan’s current affairs. According to him, Pakistan’s current situation is going bitter day by day. Pakistan is suffering from different problems like Power crises, declining economy, poverty, terrorism, Shortage of commodities, escalation of prices and most importantly poor governess.

The report raises curtains from Pakistan politics also. According to which, the Karachi situation is created by the government itself to postpone the election which were due on departure of MQM for the government. While on the other hand MQM is also involved in killings as proved by the statements of Zulfiqar Mirza, the ex-interior minister of Sindh. MQM is trying to collect the votes of sympathy by showing that they are being murdered due to ejection from the government. While in all this the poor people of Karachi are effecties.

The leading party like PMLQ and PMLN has so far taken a stance which shows no involvement of these two parties in the current political atmosphere. No Body amongst the political leadership is worried about Power crises, declining economy, poverty, terrorism, Shortage of commodities, escalation of prices. People of Pakistan are looking for a mercy of GOD in the said situation.

The happenings inside Pakistan have great impacts on the mental state of its citizen. Due to Power crises the people can’t even have a sound sleep, their business activities have been almost gone to 30% which is resulting in overall decline of economy. The children are becoming rude. The entire life of the people is in trouble due to load shedding.

The other substance which is adding difficulties to Pakistan is the support of America in the past. Now a day’s although Pakistani government is trying to re-establish the minds of people, but people still think America as their biggest enemy. People of Pakistan don’t ever consider Americans their friend. Most of the country men say that America wants to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear weapons. The all current problems of Pakistan are created by America. A slow poison is being injected to the Pakistanis. America is doing a cold war against Pakistan, but Pakistani leaders are not capable of eyeing America’s eyes.

The corruption is at its top level right from the day when PPP took over the government. The president of Pakistan is well known as Mr. 10%, what can be said about other authorities? The prime minister is just a rubber stamp. He has no thinking power, but a yes sir man in the language of the army. Every political party is trying to prove other parties as corrupt, but no parties are behind the other in meanness, corruption, and giving statements about the others.

In the last 4 years PPP’s government has done only fancy things which do not impact ordinary people’s life. People want jobs, they want corruption to be finished, they want electricity, they want America out of Pakistan, they want to have progress but PPP is doing things like 18th amendment, not implementing supreme court’s orders, allotting seats to corrupt people in different departments, raising prices weekly, not eying the increasing load shedding, not able to stop bomb blasts, doing meetings with other parties for next elections, and making false statements.
People of Pakistan are fighting for their lives to fill their needs, their children’s food, and their commodities, which are now a day seems to be worth missing.

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