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Pakistani Actress, host and star Mishi Khan has been accused of stealing some valuables from the apartment of a Islamabad based Businessman Jawad Safi Khawaja.Jawad Safi Khawaja, a well known businessman of the federal capital, has filed a complaint against Mishi Khan alleging her with a burglary of PK Rs 500,000 cash, a 20 gram gold bracelet, three rings and a Rado wristwatch.
According to him, actress Mishi Khan frequently visits his flat and also accompanied him the day when he placed the cash and other items in his cupboard.The two guards at the building also stated that they had seen Mishi Khan coming out of Jawad Safi Khawaja's apartment with two shopping bags in her hands. When Jawad contacted Mishi Khan, she used offensive language and threatened him as well.

SP (Saddar Zone) Sajid Kiani, when contacted, confirmed that the Shalimar Police had received a complaint from Jawad Safi Khawaja against Mishi Khan, and that legal action would be taken against her if the complainant wanted to proceed. A copy of the complaint against Mishi Khan is available with this correspondent.

When contacted, Mishi Khan however denied the allegation leveled against her, saying it has become a fashion to use the name of any famous actress for getting fame. She said some publicity mongers even claim to gain cheap exposure that they got married with any actress. She said that she did not even know the person by the name of Jawad Safi Khawaja, who had lodged the complaint against her. 'God has blessed me with everything and I need nothing else. Why I will get so meagre amount from anybody,' she remarked.
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