Pakistani actress scandals veena malik kissing

The hot Pakistani Actress Veena Malik,known for her publicity stunts and actress scandals has done yet another stunt to prove her constant effort to gain public attention.In her recent film, Daal Mein Kuch Kaala hai, she made friends with with Bobby Darling.At the occasion, however, the friendship seemed a little too shocking for people when Veena and Bobby started to kiss on each other’s lips.When questioned at such behavior, Bobby said, “Veena and I share a very good relationship. I love this hot Pakistani actress.

We greet each other like this every time.Why do people have a problem with our way of greeting each other?”Likewise, Veena remains calm with the whole episode saying,“It was very cute. Bobby just came and kissed me. I think it was a beautiful gesture and I’m alright with it. It was just a tap on the lips,not really a french kiss. I’m ok with Bobby or my girlfriends doing it”one wonders how open-minded can one be. As her trend, Veena does try to defend her doing by saying that the kiss was also a result of the excitement of her surprise birthday party. “I had just come back from Dubai and my manager insisted that I go for dinner on my birthday. 

Pakistani actress scandals are in public everyday.When I saw all my friends there with gifts and flowers,I felt blessed,” she Veena. Surprisingly, Ashmit Patel was nowhere to be seen at the event and Veena had to shield this issue as well so she added, “Ashmit was not around. We are not that close anymore.We don’t meet often.I have signed a film with him so maybe we will meet when we start shooting”we have gathered a collection of her shameless scenes.Hope you find it best for real hot Pakistani actress scandals.
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