Lesbian Actresses in Bollywood

Bollywood celebrities especially Actresses are taking things on to the next level of Hot scandals.A few months ago Yana Gupta,shocked people after going to a charity function without wearing her panties and became one of the most searched topic over the web.And Then Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan were in the headlines after they passionately kissed each other on a TV show.We have collected some hot Actress scandals belonging to the Lesbian culture of Indian film industry.In a recent film of Hot Kareena Kapoot,she admitted the existence of Lesbian actresses by performing a Lesbian scene in the movie "Heroine".This Bollywood movie was a true replica of Indian actress life in the industry.

About Rani Mukarji and Vidya Balan Lesbian kiss,Reportedly two actresses went for a TV show for the promotion of their upcoming flick"No One Killed Jessica".But it was not a regular talk show alike the TV reporter questioning the stars.Instead,Rani Mukherjee was playing TV reporter and Vidya Balan as a star.During their talk Rani,took the Initiative and Kissed Vidya and she reciprocated.The kiss between two B-Town divas was too steamy to ignore.In fact,Rani joked that she could tire Vidya,with the smooch.


Even though this topic is not as searched as Yana Gupta's but still people are eager to see the video,as both of actresses are best known for their acting skills instead of just taking off clothes and hot scenes.

When Madonna and Britney Spears do it onstage,it was shocking.But when two desi divas kiss on camera its a shocker.Madonaa and Britney spears Kiss on stage was also a shocking lesbian kiss.


Recently Shabana Azmi was also reported a true Indian Lesbian actress after her movie scenes.Later it was highlighted that she is an actual Lesbian.



Whenever the hard hitting director Madhur Bhandarkar makes a film, the subject is quite realistic and he takes real life examples as references. That is one reason why his latest release 'Heroine' has been triggering various discussions on few scenes. And one scene in particular has become a hot topic.This is the lesbian lovemaking scene between Kareena Kapoor and Shahana Goswami. As such, nothing explicit is shown onscreen but just like references were taken looking at other scenes, many are now asking who is that heroine who has indulged in a sexual relation with another actress.The general talk in Bollywood is that it has got a good number of bisexuals, homosexuals and what-not but no one talks about it in open. So, if Madhur has included that scene there must be someone within that circuit who fits into the bill. Maybe, a deeper inquiry will reveal the truth.Stay tuned for more actress scandals.

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