The Latest Veena Malik Scandals

The Hot Pakistani actress known for her sex scandals is again in news.Veena malik sex scandals are going on top day by day.The latest kissing scandal of Veena malik has proved her inner lust of exposing herself to every extent.She doesn't care about her mortal values and her diginity.she always looks for cheap tricks to get fame in Bollywood.according to the latest news of veena malik,she has decided to perform the most kissing scenes in her upcoming movie.She had shown her liking for performing the most kissing scenes to include her name in the book of world records.What a cheap way to get fame for a woman who belong to Pakistan.The actress scandals are always in public but this hot actress tries to cross every actress in scandals.


Veena Malik Scandals also include her expression given at a live TV show in which she expressed her thoughts about sex.In this video where Veena Malik Talks about sex she was questioned about "how you feel about sex?She replied;Sex is always awesome.When further questioned about when to sex;after marriage or before marriage?She replied;Anytime you should enjoy.Then the TV anchor asked her favorite Position of sex.She said;Any position in which you get banged easily.The Hot Bollywood industry might be looking for a xxx movie to sign Veena malik.She could be a perfect Actress for such a movie.She has no cares for being a Muslim (So called Muslim).She is trying to cross every limit put by Islam.Watch this video till end.

The third scandal of Veena Malik includes her visit to a foreign country.In this Visit,she was invited by two guys who belong to some local music band.These pictures of her latest affair could be a proof to that.The guys admitted later that both of them had banged Veena Malik many times during her visit one by one and once in threesome collectively.What a rubbish act of Veena Malik.She seems to be very crazy for sex surely.However this news remained hidden from the eyes of public as the two guys tried to hide the matter as well.


 The actress scandals are collected nicely here.Veena Malik might be crazy and someone said that she is mad or a patient of psychiatry and she must consult some doctor.Whatsoever the case is,The Bollywood has found another girl who is ready to take off her clothes for fame.She must be the queen of Actress sex.

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