Rehman Malik Meets PEER paghara in his Kingri house:karachi

Karachi: Interior Minister of pakistan Rehman Malik meets MLF's president PEER pagara  Kingri house on Saturday:

according to Geo News,Rehman Malik visited Kingri house to meet Famous PEER pagara(President MLF) to discuss the current situation of karachi and the rest political situation of the country.The meeting continued for at least 2 hours.Talking to the Media ,in a press conference after the meeting,  PEER pagara said that Rehman Malik needs advice from the president of pakistan,not from me.

He also said that now the time is not suitable to discuss PPP's remaing 18 months,its a time to take serious action against militancy.We need to adhere the murders going on in karachi from last few months.PEER pagara also said that "ARMY IS MUST NOW TO TAKE HOLD OF KARACHI".He advised Rehman malik to give the the command and control of karachi in the hands of ARMY.

However rehman malik said that we are taking serious action by using the RANGERS.we have not Let away MQM from our partenership.but its democracy which has ups and downs.we are talking to MQM and we are hopefull that we will solve the matter.However anybody who is responsible for Ongoing killings in Karachi will be dealt swearly.

PEER pagara is considered to be very famous in pakistan politics and his views/perdictions are of Great importance amongst pakistan Politicians.

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