The Ranger's Operation lowered the Killings In karachi

Karachi:Due To the Rangers's& agencies operation,terrorist activity has been reduced in the areas of the city, Geo News reported. However, situation in Orangi Town and Baldia is not still settelled where three more people were killed on Saturday.

Orangi Town, Baldia and old city and nearby areas have been under a great threat of violence for the past five days residents of these areas had to experience threats of their lives.

Terrorists were using rockets and hand grenades to threat the people and make damage.more than 100 people have been killed in this wave of violence.

After remaining silent for four days, security agencies took action Friday night. This led to an improvement in Orangi Town, Kati Pahari, Qasba Colony, Aligarh Colony, Banaras Colony, Baldia and other areas.

terrorist activity has been reported lowered from these areas but the situation still remains unsuitable.
In PIB Colony which is located near the central jail, two people were killed due to firing. The rangers and police have taken several people into custody during operations.

In Qasba Colony a bullet riddled body was found and six including four members of a family were injured due to firing.

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